The Process

If you are interested in working with our firm, this is the process we would broadly envision:

Arete Process Diagram picture

1. Contact us – let us know you are interested in exploring working together.

2. Free consultation – we can meet and get to know each other while discussing your organization needs and ideas about how we can help meet those needs.

3. Work together to draft a flexible evaluation plan and a contract – should both parties decide to move forward, we will draft a flexible evaluation plan that considers the perspectives offered by program staff and key stakeholders as well as agree on a contract to guide our time working together.

4. Start to gather evaluation data – after mutually settling on an evaluation plan, we will work together with you to begin gathering data and to ensure the conduct of the process is ethical, useful, inclusive, and cost-effective.

5. Reporting of evaluation results – we will report the data gathered in a format that is useful to the program staff and other key stakeholders.

6. Review the data collected together and discuss your programs next steps –¬† as part of/or after reporting the data, we will review the reported data together with you to ensure a common understanding of the data as well as discuss the next steps for your program and how the data can help develop and improve your program or project.

7. Stay in touch – after completing the project, we will continue to be in touch for further consultations and new projects.