Our Services

The Arete Evaluation Collaborative offers program evaluation consulting services that help organizations answer pressing questions in order to achieve their mission.

Program Evaluation: A systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs, particularly about their effectiveness and efficiency.

Some of the tools our team uses to conduct an evaluation include but are not limited to:

Interview Protocols – A collection of evaluation plan questions, research methodology, consent form, and interview questions that will be presented to a focus group or interview subject prior to commencing with interview procedures.

Logic Models – In developing a Logic Model, stakeholders identify the program’s context, underlying assumptions, resources and other inputs, activities, goals and anticipated short and long-term impact. Through this process stakeholders understand the program’s goals, why the program exists, and where it is likely to be going.

Process Flow Mapping – The method of depicting the flow of steps in a process where predecessors and successors provide an output to the next linking successor down the chain.Ultimately the final position of the process flow can also be the beginning of another phase in a larger system of joined process flow maps.

World Café – A method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in real life situations. World Café is a way of fostering interaction and dialogue with both large and small groups. It is particularly effective in surfacing the collective wisdom of large groups of diverse people. At the conclusion of the World Café, the whole group will share discussed outputs and “harvest” the conversations.

Value Chain Analysis (VCA) – A method used to provide insight on the process of a product from harvest to market. Information on a value chain (VC) can improve the VC process by making it more efficient, sustainable and equitable for all stakeholders and supporters of the VC. In addition, policies and procedures can be recommended and implemented as a result of a VCA