Our Clients

Members of our collaborative have a great deal of evaluation experience. What follows are past or current client our members, personally or collaboratively, are working with or have worked with, on a variety of evaluation projects:

Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods, and Rural Roads

  • Shelter for Life – Senegal Rurals Road Project, Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA and the Casamance region, Senegal.
  • Trees that Feed Foundation (TTFF), Chicago, Illinois, USA and the parishes of St. Mary, St. Ann, Portland, St. Catherine, St. Andrew, St. Thomas, Manchester, Westmoreland, St. James, Trelawny, and Clarenden in Jamaica.

Youth Livelihoods

  • Swisscontact-Uganda and the MasterCard Foundation, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa and University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • CAP Youth Empowerment Institute-Kenya and the MasterCard Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa and University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Higher Education Fellowship Programs

  • University of Minnesota Morris’ Sustainability Leadership Fellows Program, Morris, Minnesota, USA
  • Anselm House’s MacLaurin Fellows Program, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Social-Emotional Development/Early Childhood Education

  • AMAZE, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Intercultural/International Education

  • Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Environment, Water, Energy

  • Karm Solar, Cairo, Egypt, North Africa

Humanitarian Work

  • American Red Cross – Central MN Chapter, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Community Development

  • University of Minnesota  Extension,  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • City of North St. Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
  • Aeon Resident Connection Program, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Public Health

  • Isuroon, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Vinland National Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Tasks Unlimited, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA