Our Values

As a collaborative, we are bound together by some common values that inspire and orient our work:

For the Common Good – The idea of the ‘common good’, meaning the social formations and conditions that allow communities and persons to flourish, is the guiding principle of our work. We seek to work for the common good, and serve the communities of which we are a part, by contributing to programs seeking change and development related to the common good.

Emphasis on Collaboration and Participation – We seek to work together with our clients in a way that is collaborative, participatory, and mutually beneficial and where dialogue, sharing, and responsiveness are part and parcel of the relationship.

Passion for our Work – We are passionate about our work and seek to provide excellent deliverables that are  useful to our clients and that will likewise help to improve how they do their work wisely.

Focus on Intercultural Humility – We recognize the importance of intercultural humility in our work as well as in the work of many organizations we deal with, and we seek to communicate and relate well with people of various cultures and backgrounds.

Emphasis on Virtue, Values, and Mission –  As evaluators, we seek to be virtuous in our evaluation practice as well as work carefully to understand how our clients’ values and mission influence their work and programmatic decisions.

Pursuit of Practical Wisdom that Translates to Actionable Knowledge  – We aim to help our clients gain practical wisdom to make sense of their work and the broader domains of knowledge related to their work in order to improve their programs and interventions through thoughtful reflection and action.